Find the Best Garage Door Repair Berkeley Has To Offer

If your automatic garage door is acting up, you might want to start looking for the best garage door repair Berkeley has to offer. If the door sticks as it goes up and down, if it is slow, or sometimes has trouble getting started, then it might be the time to call somebody to come to your home and look your garage door apparatus over.

Garage doors work by having an electric motor move the door on tracks located on either side of the garage door opening and up and back to the back of the garage along the ceiling. There is also a set of springs near the back near the ceiling that helps to take the load off of the motor. They contract when the door is going up and they release, or expand when it is going down.

The door itself consists of four to five sections that are hinged together so the door can bend as it nears the top of the garage door opening and travel parallel to the garage ceiling to the back.

The hinges are fastened onto the door sections with bolts which have nuts that nearly always become loosened by the up and down action of the door.

Items that need to be checked periodically is the function of the motor and springs. If the springs need to be replaced, that job should only be done by a trained technician due to their dangerous nature when being replaced.

The motor can malfunction and need repair or replacement. The bolts on the door itself will periodically be tightened as well as any bolts and screws that hold the track together. If the track becomes seriously misaligned, the door can be skewed as it travels and cause a big problem.

Ask your neighbors and friends who they feel the best garage door repair Berkeley offers, and check the Better Business Bureau as well.