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Garage Door Torsion Springs

Questions and Answers

Where do I buy winding bars for garage door torsion springs in Berkeley, California?

Posted by Jason

adminFirst this measure the hole in the winding cone on the spring. Go to local hardware store buy a 36″long cold roll steel rod, cut into half, You may need to round the corners on the cuts. This is for the residential springs. Commercial springs of course will be larger and longer. If you live near a garage door company maybe they will have a loaner pair but the cost is less than 10 bucks to make. You need to be very careful and pay attention otherwise it is very easy to get hurt and the hurt is usually bad.

For garage doors, is a torsion or extension spring better?  What are the pros/cons? More…?If I have a torsion spring installed, will I need to have the header above the garage door beefed up to support the torsion exerted by the torsion spring? Thanks.

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adminIn most cases torsion springs are the better way to go. It’s safer, smoother operating, and easier to maintain; and there’s no need for additional header support. Anymore, extension spring systems are only used when a torsion system is not able to be installed. (very low headroom for example)

Torsion systems to stay away from are the e-z wind systems from the home center, these are made for home owner install and use a drill to wind the springs. Everything about these doors screams low quality. The springs generally last only 5-7 years and are more expensive to replace or convert to a standard system.

Buy high cycle springs … Springs have a rather predictable life cycle and for a nominal fee you can upgrade to a high cycle spring that will last at least 20 yrs. 3 common types currently in use are the:

a) 7000 cycle …. Good for 5-7 years and used by developers.
B) 10,000 cycle …. Good for 10-12 years and standard for garage door companies.
C) 25,000 cycle … Good for 20-25 years and often sold with a lifetime warranty.

A $40 upgrade now will save hundreds of dollars later.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

Garage door won’t seal on one side?My garage door doesn’t touch the ground on one side. The door is level the ground is not. I just recently bought the house and it looks like the garage settled after door was installed. Any suggestions on what I can use to fill in this hole to keep mice and cold out. I’m using a blanket now but it not very convenient.

Posted by Mike

adminFirst make certain that nothing is wrong with the door itself. And do nothing you cannot undo as the gap may change from cold to warm weather. If you have stretch springs look for a bad pulley sheave, fraying door cable, (mostly low side) springs catching anywhere as the door goes up and down? Do the spring coils look evenly spaced apart ? (up and down) Can you close the gap by stepping on the door? If you have torsion springs (wind up instead of stretch out) look for a fraying cable on the LOW side, Raise the door and look carefully at the drums the cables are wound up on. Are both sides symmetrical? Both cables wind up on a higher “step” when they first start up to allow for the short time the door is headed more or less straight up. This is easiest seen with the door closed. Raise the door and look at the space from the bottom of the door to the top of the door opening. Is it the same all the way across? Most torsion and stretch spring door can be “fudged” a little to sit flat. If the top of the opening and the bottom of the door seem a bit uneven when the door is open this might have been done. Last some installers are lazy and worry about the next job. Putting in a door takes me most of the day but I rarely get called back for problems. And my door installs look “pretty” although lots of fast guys do too. As for the opener if you have stretch springs making the opener push the door down a little more might close the gap. On torsion doors it will not work. I have for the most part ignored a cable drum slipping cause the door is new. If you see something strange send me a picture at my email. And email me any questions. I do not charge for any of this, it is just fun.…