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One Call Can Solve all your Garage Door Problems

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AGM Local Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

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Comprehensive Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA

Garage doors are extremely important to secure a vehicle in a household. They should be maintained on a regular basis in order to function at optimal levels for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, most residents do not have the time to attend to their garage doors or they neglect it completely. This is why such residents would need to contact ABC Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA on a regular basis. ABC Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA offers a high quality affordable service to all residents in and around Berkeley CA.

Trained Garage Door Technicians

ABC Garage Door Services employ only professional technicians, who are highly trained and skilled in repairing and replacing any type of garage door. From broken springs to worn-out door panels, our technicians will do a perfect job on behalf of you. Our technicians are trust worthy, reliable and detail oriented in paying very close attention all the little details of your garage door. They are skilled to find out even little issues with your garage door by listening to strange noises when opening and closing the garage door. You are guaranteed of the best service when you call one of our highly trained garage door technicians to repair your garage door.

Garage Door Installations and Replacements

Whether you need a minor repair or a complete installation and replacement of your existing garage door, ABC Garage Door Repair is the best choice for the job. Give your home a face-lift without breaking the bank in the process. High-tech, classic, traditional or modern, no matter what the garage door type is, we will take care of all your garage door installments and replacements with our highly professional and experienced technicians.

Garage Door Spring Replacements

Garage door torsion spring replacements are not advised or encouraged as do-it-yourself projects. Torsion springs are devices which help to lift most of the weight of a garage door. A garage door can be opened with an electric device or manually thanks to this torsion spring. The torsion spring is connected to a torsion shaft, which helps to turn the lift drum via a cable attached to the door near the bottom of it. The energy stored within this apparatus is enough to even kill a person if released suddenly. This is why you should not try to replace a torsion spring yourself, but call one of our highly trained technicians to perform the job on behalf of you.

garage door repair Berkeley

Garage Door Opener Repair and Replacement

The garage door opener is one of the main components of a garage door, which helps to open and close the door efficiently. Malfunctioning garage door openers could pose a threat when opening and closing your garage door. If you are unable to close the garage door once you have parked the car in the garage, it can pose a security threat to your car. The problem could be with the motor. Diagnosing and repairing the existing motor could be much more affordable than replacing the motor altogether. Our technicians maintain a full inventory of garage door opener parts in their trucks, hence they would be able to perform a high quality job than trying to do-it-yourself or hiring a handyman to do the job. Even if your garage door opener need to be replaced altogether, we have all the parts including the motor in our trucks. So you have nothing to worry about replacing or repairing the garage door opener when you call ABC Garage Door Repair Berkeley CA.

Garage Door Berkeley CA Safety and Security

Our services are offered to customers in Berkeley, Dublin and surrounding areas in California. We guarantee the safety and security of our customers with our trustworthy and reliable workforce. A garage door technician should be highly trustworthy and reliable since you would need to let him inside your garage or even your home, in order to let him work on your garage door issue. This is why we have chosen the most reliable and trustworthy technicians, who are additionally bonded by our company so that they cannot leave the company without prior notification. This is to guarantee the safety and security of our valuable customers in California including the Berkeley and Dublin regions.

Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance is an important on-going process that would help to minimize repair and replacement issues with your garage door. A well maintained garage door would function quite efficiently and will not break often. The owner may not have the required time to perform the necessary maintenance work on an on-going basis. This is why you must call ABC Garage Door Repair Services in order to maintain and care for your garage door on a regular basis. This would no doubt help you to save time and money on the long run.

garage door repair Berkeley CA

The Brand We Work With

  • Genie
  • Lift Master

Garage Door Off Track Repair

A garage door that is off-track is quite unstable and dangerous; especially if you have kids around the house. Such a door should not be moved manually or with an automatic garage door opener. There may be several reasons for a garage door to become off track. The cable breaking due to natural wear and tear, the garage door being hit by a car or a powerful force and the door making contact with an object such as ladder, trash can, bicycle etc., are some of the main reasons where a garage door may become off track. Do not try to move or repair such garage doors by yourself. It can cause physical damage if done by an inexperienced person. Remember that garage door springs and cables are under tremendous pressure and could cause extensive damage to an inexperienced person if released accidentally. This is why you should call one of our professionally qualified technicians to handle off track garage doors.

Why Trust ABC Garage Door Repairs Berkeley CA?

. We employ professionally trained, highly skilled and background checked technicians.
. We use only durable and reliable replacement parts.
. We have a safety checklist that would be performed on all garage doors before finishing our job.
. Warranties on all our products and services.
. EPA certified, licensed and bonded technicians.
. 24/7, 365 day service.
. Affordable and high quality service provider in Berkeley CA.

Garage Door Service Berkeley Companies That Can Help You This Week

If you live in Berkeley, and your garage door is functioning as it did just yesterday, you might need to have some repairs done. Sometimes it is the batteries in our remote that have gone dead, or perhaps a circuit breaker problem, but beyond that you’re going to need professional help. Garage door service Berkeley companies are always available. However, it just depends on your timing. You may have to wait a couple of days with some of them, whereas others might actually provide emergency services that can help you out in the next few hours.

Which Businesses Should You Select?

The businesses that you should select will include companies that you offer prompt and affordable services. This can be verified by simply contacting the businesses to find out how much they are charging. To verify that they are reliable and also courteous companies, you can look at reviews. The business that has the most stellar reviews of all of his likely the one that you will want to choose in order to get garage door repair.

How Long Will It Typically Take Them To Do The Repairs?

The speed at which they are able to do the repairs will depend upon their schedule and whether or not they will have to order parts. If they will need to order parts, then it may take a few extra days before they can actually do the repairs for you. Either way, as long as you are using the best company in Berkeley that provides garage door repairs, you will know that you will soon have a fully functional garage door as a result of hiring garage door service Berkeley company that comes with high recommendations and also very affordable prices.